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1969 Austin 1100 6cwt Van

SEVCVC club logo

With the club forming in 1990 it wasn’t long before there was so much kit needed to attend shows that it had outgrown club members Boot capacity. 

In 1995 the club committee made the decision to purchase a club van, ‘Buttercup’ was chosen over other makes due to availability of parts.  Originally a Chelmsford Council vehicle she started out in the council green she became a rolling advert for the club gaining the club some sponsorship money through  advertising.  Being made towards the end of production when they started using up parts is believed to be the reason why she is badged as a Morris and registered as an Austin

In the winter of 2007 she needed restoration with the van back needing too much work she had a fiber glass replacement fitted and the opportunity was taken to change the colour.  A member’s wife saw the freshly restored van called it Buttercup and the name stuck.  The van has been a work horse for the club ever since.

Kindly insured by

Registered; 17th January 1969

Buttercup 'The Club Van'

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