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Mini 35th Anniversary Edition

Adam’s family took ownership in 2018 Joining the club shortly after, they are only the second family to own her.  

She has covered just over 40,000 miles this car has never been welded or needed any repairs aside from a pair of brake callipers.

She’s great fun with MOT stations as she is the last of the carburettor editions but is also fitted with a catalytic convertor.


  • Registered 17th November 1994

  • Manufactured: Longbridge Plant, Birmingham, England

  • Based on: Mini Sprite

  • Engine: 4 cylinders, 1275cc, carb

  • 12" steel wheels

  • Exterior colour: Metallic Arizona Blue

  • Exterior trim: Chrome bumpers, grille, handles & lock set

  • Interior: Blue-pink "Jamboree" fabric

  • Equipment: Opening rear windows 

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