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Garys mkIV Jaguar & 420G Jaguar

As classic car enthusiasts, we all admire the styles and curves and maybe have a wish list or a dream.

I had dream 15 years ago, when I was in the position, after selling my Rolls Royce shadow 1, to get a classic car with running boards, as it was always a style I admired.

The hunt was on, and I went from Yorkshire to Devon looking at Ford V8 Pilots, Riley RM`s anything that would tick the box.

But these so-called restored examples were far from restored in my eyes and maybe my expectations were too high.

Eventually I purchased my beautiful 1970 Jaguar 420G which I absolutely adore and love the attention it gets.

Yes, I know it’s not got running boards, but I still had the dream 15 years later it’s happened.

I started the search again, not to replace the Jaguar, but to share the garage.

I had a budget and, when I started the search again, for a running board classic, I soon realised the classic market in 15 years has grown £s in the UK, so I spread the search to foreign lands.

It was more for curiosity, but I soon realised the £s went further.

The potential risk and the voices said “no don’t do it”, but I continued the search and did a lot of home work, and I eventually found a car that I really did like, and it was quite local, NOT, it was in Melbourne, Australia!

The web site did not allow foreign messages, so I put a bogus phone number and postcode in ‘Aussie’ format, and messaged the seller, explaining, in the message, the reason why the bogus details.

The seller was very helpful and shared all the history of the car, what had been done and needed doing.

I even had a ‘facetime’ with him and he walked around the car, started her and took it for a drive. Wow impressed!!

In Quest of a Dream

So, the car is a 1948 Jaguar Mk4 3.5ltr, that has had only 3 owners from new and was sent out to Byson’s of Adelaide, direct from Coventry.

She was restored 15 years ago by the second owner.

I have never done anything like buying a car from so far away, what I couldn’t physically see, so on the “Carsales.Com.Au” web site there was an option for a private car inspection.

So, for £160, I booked it in and liaised with Alan the seller who opened up for me to get this done.  

A full 35-page inspection report came through within 2 hours of the inspection via email, from Red Brook.

Jaguar Bonnet Mascot

This was not only detailed, but also included photographs, so, with this in hand I made the decision to go for it, if I could get a good shipping deal.

“” was the company I went with, because they do everything from the collection, shipping, customs, taxes, DVLA and deliver to my door.

So you may ask what did the shipping cost?

I will say for a cost of under £3k you can get a car over here.

On top of this you do have to pay the import duty and on a 40+ old car its 5% of price, and the additional £55 for DVLA new registration.

I did pay to get the Heritage Certificate from Jaguar which sped up and verified the DVLA aspect.


The company documented everything and explained, in detail, the process to make it all clear.

I had one more major fear, how do I pay for a car so far away without the fear the seller would do a runner and I’d lose everything.

Well that was soon sorted, as “” organised it all for me.

I paid them, they transferred the funds to the Aussie agent and he, in turn, transferred to Alan, the seller, and collected her the same day.

As soon as it was booked, I received the tracking details, the route and detailed photos of when the car was collected, stored in a secure warehouse, and put in a container (the 20ft container that I had paid extra for).

By August 24th she was on her way, and I can absolutely say that this Jaguar has gone all around the world.

On October the 26th she landed into Southampton, all in one piece, with no damage and everything still secured inside.

By November the 5th I had her all delivered and, after a 2 month journey, I put the battery lead on and she started on the button.

My Cheshire cat grin just went from ear to ear, gave her a wipe over and here she is.  One major job to do was the water pump, which after some research a company was found that had one on the shelf!

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