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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean I need a Navigator?

As part of the heritage and fun of the run the route pack that is issued on the day contains the direction instructions which need to be read one at a time and marry up to the distance you have travelled.  Therefore we highly recommend a navigator, although following the one in front can also work.

Tip, if you have a trip counter it’s a good idea to set it to zero as you approach the exit of Fairlop Waters, please be aware especially with vintage cars your odometer is not likely to be accurate.

How much does it cost?

It's free to pre-booked club members.

Non member prices for 2024 will be TBC

There is no charge for public viewing.

I’ve not yet received my ticket? 

Tickets for 2024 are not yet available watch out here and on Facebook for release dates.


Do I need to pay ULEZ?

If you are planning on starting from Fairlop Waters Please make sure your vehicle is either exempt or you are paying the ULEZ fee. 

We are planning a second start outside of the ULEZ zone to allow those who are required to pay ULEZ charge the option to enjoy 80% of the run ULEZ free.


I’ve forgotten to book can I still turn up? 

The entry closing date for 2024 is TBC. If you turn up on the day you might be able to sign up but that will depend on ticket sales, on the Day price is TBC


I did the run last year is it the same this year?

We mix the route up year on year, you will recognise some of the route from last year, but it will be different.


What do I do if we get lost?

As you go through the route instructions some feature Pub and road names, alternatively all our runs travel through Battlesbridge so you can aim for there to put you back on route.

The run is more distance than my Vintage vehicle covers in a year and I’m not sure it will make the distance.  When registering you can elect to go straight to Southend and form up.

I’m coming with a group can we park together?

In order to do this, you will need to arrive together so you may want to form up somewhere along the front towards the end of the run.

Where Can I view the run?

Cars arrive at Fairlop Waters from around 08:00 further details on the second start location and Southend location will be provided after we release the dates. and on route locations will be nearer the time of the run.

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